Strategic Management


Welcome to the Strategic Management SIG!

Mission and scopes

The Strategic Management Special Interest Group (SIG) is devoted to promong state of the art strategic thinking by encouraging dialogue among several interrelated lines of inquiry crucial for increasing scholarly and managerial understanding regarding strategic choice, competitive advantage, adaptation, and long-term performance and survival.


The SIG was launched at the EURAM 2010 conference in Rome attracting close to a hundred submissions including the best conference paper of the year. Since then the SIG has gone from strength to strength.

We are committed to each year bring together scholars from all around the world to engage in the development and exchange of high-quality research ideas with the potential to fertilize and drive the future directions of scholarly and practitioner strategic thinking alike. 

Submissions and tracks

Empirical, conceptual, and practitioner-oriented papers from a plurality of theoretical perspectives, units of analyses, contexts, and research designs are welcome, with particular encouragement for those integrating multiple theoretical lenses and/or methodological approaches. All submitted papers have been reviewed on a double-blind basis by two reviewers.

A key pillar of our success is the high-caliber academics that chair our sessions and help authors develop their ideas. These scholars will bring their ample experience from publishing and serving on the editorial boards of leading journals such as Strategic Management Journal, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Management Science, Organization Science, and Journal of Management  Studies to engage with you in state-of-the-art dialogues in strategic management.

Strategic Management general and standing tracks are:

  • GT 13_00 Strategic Management General Track

  • ST13_01 - Business Model - Strategy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurial Venturing (co-sponsored by Entrepreneurship SIG-03, Innovation SIG-06 and Strategic Management SIG-13

  • ST13_02 - Behavioral Strategy

  • ST13_03 - CENA - Coopetition, Ecosystems, Networks and Alliances

  • ST13_04 - Mergers & Acquisitions and Divestitures: A Glimpse into the Future

  • ST13_05 - Microfoundations of Strategy: Dynamic Capabilities and Knowledge Mechanisms

  • ST13_06 - Strategic Ambidexterity: The paradox of exploitation and exploration

  • ST13_07 - Strategic Processes and Practice: Theorizing Emerging Strategic Processes and Practices

  • ST13_08 - The inner life of business ecosystems

  • T13_09 - Digital Strategy and Industry 4.0

  • T13_10 - Strategic Responsiveness and Organizational Adaptation

  • T06_13 - Necessary Condition Analysis. Method and Applications  (co-sponsored by Innovation SIG-06, Research Methods and Research Practice (RM&RP) SIG-12 and Strategic Management SIG-13)


SIG OFFICERS (2023-2024)

Isabel Estrada  (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)  SIG Co-Chair

Daniel Alonso Martínez (University of León, Spain) -  SIG Co-Chair

Audrey Rouyre  (Montpellier Business School), - SIG Programme Co-Chair

Albena Björck (Zurich University of Applied Science, Switzerland), -SIG Programme Co-Chair

Anne-Sophie Fernandez (University of Montpellier, France) -SIG Development Chair

Silvia Blasi (University of Verona) -SIG Development Chair

Martin Pit  (University of Groningen), -  Communication and Social Events Co-Chair

Oleksandra Kochura (ESSCA School of Management),  -  Communication and Social Events Co-Chair   

Nuno Oliveira (Tilburg University, Netherlands) - SIG Programme Co-Chair of kick off activities

Katharina Cepa (Lancaster University Management School, UK) - SIG Programme Co-Chair of kick off activities

Primary Contact for General Track: Albena Björck (Zurich University of Applied Science, Switzerland),


Xavier Castañer, (University of Lausanne, Switherland), 

Tomi Laamanen (University of St. Gallen, Switzerland) 

Joan Enric Ricart (IESE Business School, Spain)

Henk Volberda (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)