Ethics committee

EURAM professional and research integrity

The European Academy of Management (EURAM) is a professional community of engaged management scholars and practitioners. EURAM aims at enhancing the quality of management research, improving its relevance for responsible and effective practice, and contributing to the social discourse on management. EURAM members adhere to the highest ethical standards in their professional practice, when acting in official roles representing EURAM and when participating in all EURAM activities. The general need to adhere to such standards is reflected in the EURAM statutes as a requirement of membership (Article 3).

There is a mechanism in the EURAM statutes that allows for the termination of membership by a decision of the Executive Committee if a member is found to be in ‘serious breach’ (Article 3.4., c). However, to date EURAM has not developed any policies or codes in relation to professional and/or research integrity. As EURAM is developing, alongside external drivers such as the revised European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (2017), there is now a need to develop policies for professional and research integrity, as well as mechanisms for handling charges that integrity standards have been compromised or violated.

This paper forms an initial proposal to advance this agenda by outlining principles of professional and research integrity, integrity standards expected of EURAM members, as well as processes and responsibilities for investigating alleged misconduct.

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Ethics Committee Members

Donatella Depperu

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Silke Machold

Leeds Becket University

Hans van Ees

University of Groningen