EURAM's Grant to ERC Applicants 

The European Academy of Management (EURAM) offers a grant of 5,000 Euros to support European Research Council (ERC) applicants who meet the following criteria:

  1. Applicants must be EURAM members at the time of their ERC application.
  2. Applicants must have received either:
    • A score of "A" in Step 1 of the ERC application process but did not receive funding, or
    • A score of "B" in Step 1 of the ERC application process.

In the event that multiple applicants apply for the EURAM-ERC grant within the same year, priority will be given as follows:

  1. Applicants for an ERC Starting Grant will be prioritized over those applying for Consolidator and Advanced Grants.
  2. Applicants for an ERC Consolidator Grant will be prioritized over those applying for Advanced Grants.

If multiple applicants meet the criteria and have the same priority level, the grant will be divided equally among them.

The application deadline for the EURAM grant coincides with the deadline for EURAM's Research Grants Scheme.”



PDW: Research Funding Opportunities from Horizon Europe

A PDW on "Research Funding Opportunities from Horizon Europe" was hosted during the 2022 Annual Conference of EURAm in Wintethur, Switzerland. The objective of the workshop was to provide information about funding opportunities by Horizon Europe and similar funds. Horizon Europe is EU's key funding programme for research and innovation, with a budget of €95,5 billion. A range of issues were discussed in a panel including:

  • Anticipating and identifying opportunities and calls
  • Identifying partners and sturcturing consortia
  • Managing consortia
  • Developing research outputs from joint research 

The panellists for the workshop include past award holders, consortia managers and research officers:

John Bessant, Emeritus Professor at University of Exeter
Sandra Dijk, Executive Director, EU projects at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management
Claudia Lehmann, Professor and Executive Director at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management  
Jennifer McClung, National Contact Point for ERC and Culture, Creativity, and Inclusive Society (Cluster 2)
Kathrin Moeslein, Professor at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität and EURAM President


Panos Desyllas, Associate Professor University of Bath and EURAM VP, Research Funding

The slides presented by Jenniver McClung are available here.


EURAM PDW: Research Funding by the European Resarch Council (ERC)

As part of EURAM’s 2021 Annual Conference, we hosted a workshop on “Research Funding by the European Research Council (ERC)”. This workshop is part of a series of actions revolving around raising awareness regarding opportunities to obtain funding for management research. We commenced this initiative with funding opportunities by the ERC as one of the leading funding organisations for frontier research. The recording of the session can be found here

At the workshop we discussed a range of issues in a panel discussion format including:

  • Designing the proposed resesarch and demonstrating rigor, feasibility and significance
  • Communicating scholarly significance and societal impact to both management and non-management ERC evaluation
  • Navigating through the different stages of the evaluation process

The panellists for the workshop were past ERC award holders, academics that have served as evaluators of research proposals, ERC scientific research officers and EURAM executives:

Luis Diestre – Professor at IE University, ERC grant holder
Thomas Durand – Professor at Cnam, EURAM past-president
Jerko Markovina – ERC co-ordinator of SH1 panel  
Kathrin Möslein - Professor at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, EURAM president 
Maria Rentetzi – Professor at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, ERC grant holder 
Ammon Salter – Professor at University of Bath, SH1 peer review panel member

Panos Desyllas - EURAM, Vice President Research Funding, PDW Organiser