What is the Doctoral Colloquium

The EURAM Doctoral Colloquium (DC) is one of the most established and high-profile events in the academic community, aligned with our key values for engaged and inclusive scholarship. This two-day programme is one of our flagship events preceding the EURAM annual conference every year. If you are a second or higher year doctoral student, it is an opportunity to become part of a highly motivated international community of like-minded young researchers and to meet the leading scholars in your field. You will also be able to join the conference at a reduced rate for PhD students. Finally, the DC provides opportunities to network during social events as well, which is crucial for academic career development.


EURAM DC provides doctoral students with the opportunity to present their work to their peers and mentors, who are experienced supervisors and leading scholars in their field, and engage with one another in a setting that is relatively informal but that allows for meaningful and constructive scholarly exchanges. The aim of the Doctoral Colloquium is to contribute towards a transformative journey for doctoral students, who will not only receive feedback on their doctoral research but also learn about fundamentals of a doctoral journey including research methods related matters, publishing from a PhD and reviewing for journals, and obtain advice on academic career paths. DC is an entry point into joining a wider community of peers and engaged management scholars.

General Information

Information will be posted on the conference website available from EURAM’s homepage. To apply, you will need to send a single authored text of maximum 20 pages together with your CV, a letter of motivation and a letter of recommendation. Authors of best papers are awarded with prize money of 1.000 Euro for the best paper, 500 Euro for the 2nd best paper and 300 for the 3rd best paper.

Should you require more information, do not hesitate to contact Professor Mine Karatas-Özkan, University of Southampton, mko@soton.ac.uk, Chair of the Doctoral Colloquium.

EURAM Doctoral Colloquium 2022

EURAM Doctoral Colloquium Best Paper Awards

Recorded sessions from DC 2021 Online

Monday 14 June 2021

Keynote panel: Relevant research with rigour

    Title: Doing research that matters - Stella Nkomo, University of Pretoria, South Africa

      Title: Working towards an activist academy - Ozan Alakavuklar, Utrecht University, Netherlands

        Title: For collective performativity in neoliberal academia - Patrizia Zanoni, Hasselt University, Belgium

        Meet the Editors

         Chair: Maheer Kooli

         Michael Morley (European Management Review)

         Miruna Radu-Lefebvre (Entrepreneurship and Regional Development)

         Martyna Sliwa (Management Learning)

         Dimo Dimov (Journal of Business Venturing Insights)

        Tuesday 15 June 2021

        Book Lounge: Resolving the Crisis in Research by Changing the Game: An Ecosystem and a Sharing Philosophy

        Morten Huse (BI Norwegian Business School)

        Doctoral Colloquium testimonials

        Adeline Abou-Ali, University of Barcelona, Spain

        Participant in 2021 event:
        I would like to thank the EURAM Doctoral Colloquium organizing team for putting together such a great program. The activities proposed provided PhD students with insightful contents from senior academics, notably in terms of research development, publishing tips, collaboration with peers and supervisors, as well as personal wellbeing. The mentoring sessions were very useful, allowing me to share and receive valuable feedbacks on my research, both from engaging professors and PhD colleagues who were highly supportive. Finally, meeting and interacting with international peers was a great opportunity to build a strong network and broaden perspectives. Being part of the EURAM community will bring you the tools you need to professionally as well as personally grow and develop sustainable research. Hence, I highly recommend it!

        Alex Alterskye, University of Lincoln, United Kingdom

        Participant in 2018 event:
        EURAM is a forward thinking, innovative and most of all supportive group of scholars... being part of the EURAM DC has helped me think about my research in new ways and it has really boosted my confidence.

        Sushant Bhargava, Indian Institute of Management Lucknow, India

        Participant in 2021 event:
        The EURAM doctoral colloquium is so uniquely structured that it opens your mind to new ways of thinking about your topic, your approach, and about the content and value of your dissertation, right from the moment you decide to apply. If you are successful in your application, it is a wonderful opportunity to pick the minds of some of the most experienced and helpful people you might meet during your PhD journey. The organizers are extremely helpful and precise in their efforts to drive the participants towards a majestic experience of scholarship in its best and purest forms. The colloquium has something for everyone. Having attended is one of my most cherished experiences ever.

        Alfredo Celentano, Alfredo Celentano, Parthenope University, Naples, Italy

        Participant in 2020 event:
        Deciding to participate in the Doctoral Colloquium is one of the best decisions a researcher can make. The interaction with others, the sharing of their work, their perspectives, the dialogue between PhD students and professors is a very important opportunity for professional growth, but also personal, useful to re-
        evaluate or strengthen their beliefs and expand their horizons. If you have questions, at DC you will find the answers you are looking for!

        Sevda Dede, Piri Reis University, Turkey

        Participant in 2021 event:
        EURAM Doctoral Colloquium was an extraordinary opportunity to grow. Though I had presented at EURAM Conference in 2013 and took part as a reviewer for the last three years, the Doctoral Colloquium was a totally different and fruitful experience. The Colloquium started with a warm welcome that was quite inclusive and encouraging. The keynote speeches were enlightening and the mentoring sessions were eye-opening. Having my research reviewed by peers and discussing it in a small but focused group of participants allowed me to see my work from a different aspect and improve its theoretical background. I also had the opportunity to meet management scholars and PhD candidates from all over the world, with whom I can collaborate and grow together. I believe the DC is an excellent start to being a part of EURAM Community.

        Jane Dowson, LJMU, United Kingdom

        Participant in 2019 event:
        The Programme was organised and delivered with the current and future needs of PhD students in mind and echoed the values of the EURAM community. The mentoring sessions were extremely useful, highly supportive and provided a reflexive opportunity to develop and grow. Meeting other PhD students from around the world was also a particular highlight.

        Katarina Dvorski, School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

        Participant in 2020 event:
        I would like to thank EURAM for such a warm welcome to such a supportive, forward-thinking and diverse community of peers and engaged researchers. Participating in the EURAM DC has helped me fight the imposter syndrome and to affirm the value of my research. I am grateful for profound reflections on the PhD process given by EURAM students and supervisors as well as for the opportunity to continue my research in an international setting. I feel that the EURAM DC has put great wind in my sails, and I look forward to future research endeavours.

        Canio Forlanio, University of Turin, Italy

        Participant in 2021 event:
        The EURAM community promoted the DC having students’ needs in their mind and built the event and its agenda considering as much as possible those expectations. This demonstrates the careful attention they pay to develop a collaborative, supportive, and inspiring colloquium. Moreover, the close interaction with other students and mentors is a great opportunity for personal and professional growth and opens new possibilities and rich discussions on each other’s research. 
        The cherry on top has been concluding the DC with the amazing pitch from Prof. John Bessant and discovering his YouTube channel “Managing Innovation”!

        Carlos Lopes Cruz, ISCTE, Lisbon, Portugal

        Participant in 2020 event:
        Congratulations to all DC Chair Members for a fantastic Conference. It exceeded my expectations by far and I am just looking forward to being part of EURAM 2021 Conference in Canada, albeit online.
        I'll never forget the optimism, motivation, fun, mentoring and reassurance messages, so important to fuel my Ph. D. journey, and for sure, an experience to be embedded in my personal and professional life.
        Palmam qui merit ferat!

        Olive Maitha, Dublin City University, Ireland

        Participant in 2019 event:
        2019 was my first EURAM conference and it was an incredible experience. Not only did I get to hear from seasoned academics but I also got the opportunity to have my work reviewed by my peers. The doctoral colloquium was the perfect platform for me to share my research and receive very constructive feedback from my mentors and other PhD students. The mentor groups met twice, the first time to discuss the student papers and to offer feedback. The second meeting (the next day) was for the student to ask further questions or to seek clarification on the feedback given after giving it some reflection. At the end of the doctoral colloquium, I had connected with peers from across the world in very diverse fields of research within management. These chats over the breaks allowed me to give elevator pitches on my research to different audiences and based on how it was received, I learnt to adapt the pitch based on who I was talking to and their area of research interest. It was a very rewarding experience.

        Maria Albertina Barreiro Rodrigues, Universidade Europeia, Portugal

        Participant in 2018 event:
        To participate on the EURAM Doctoral Colloquium is a great opportunity to meet other researchers on the same stage that we are and share expectations, knowledge and experiences. On the other hand, the EURAM Doctoral Colloquium gives us the opportunity to hear several fabulous academics about their perspective of how to develop a good and sustainable research while we get feedback on our work. The EURAM Doctoral Colloquium really represents a good opportunity to think on our approach and to define our research.

        Juan Miguel Rosa González, Griffith Business School, Maroochydore, Australia

        Participant in 2020 event:
        The EURAM Doctoral Colloquium provided relevant feedback for my research and plenty of networking opportunities with fellow PhD candidates and senior scholars, while also allowing me to participate in rich discussions of current research topics. The welcoming, inclusive and agreeable environment in which the event took place added to a most enjoyable experience. I definitely recommend it.

        Maria Skordia, Sheffield University Management School, United Kingdom

        Participant in 2019 event:
        I really enjoyed the EURAM 2019 Doctoral Colloquium! I met some great people from all over the world and received valuable guidance from senior academics. The mentoring sessions were very helpful. The Colloquium helped us create an international network of researchers, while the organizers were amazing; they made us feel welcome from the very beginning till the end!

        Rachel von Kauffman, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

        Participant in 2018 event:
        I'd like to thank the Doctoral Colloquium organizers for an outstanding work. The Doctoral Colloquium program was very enriching, and contributed significantly for my growth both as an academic and as a practitioner. It widened my professional horizons and contributed to my awareness and involvement in the management scholar community EURAM Doctoral Colloquium

        Sarah Wittman, INSEAD, France

        Participant in 2018 event:
        I found the EURAM Doctoral Colloquium a great forum to get feedback on my work, learn from others, and make new friends. The feedback that I received both from my mentor and from the other students in my group was relevant and helpful, and has given me some great ideas on ways to move forward with finishing my dissertation and with publishing my work. The organization of the event was exceptional, the sessions very interesting, and the speakers engaging. I've already recommended the event to people in several schools with whom I have contact, and hopefully will be successful in encouraging more students from a diversity of programs to attend.