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“Innovation” as Strategic Interest Group (SIG) of the European Academy of Management (EURAM) explores and develops a deep understanding of the innovation frontier.

Our aim is to create an open community of academics, practitioners, entrepreneurs and policy makers who care about the creation, development and implementation of innovations in organizations and markets. Early career scholars and managers with an interest in the field are equally welcome to join our activities, projects and conversations.

The organising committee:

Former SIG chairs: 
2020-2022: Vivek K. Velamuri (HHL Leipzig, Graduate School of Management, Germany)
2017-2019: Pascal Le Masson (MINES ParisTech)
2013-2016: Jan Dul (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus School) 
2006-2013: John Bessant (University of Exeter Business School)

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Best Paper Awards

Every year, the SIG Innovation is awarding its peer-reviewed and blindly selected best papers with an award at the SIG social event. The recent winners are:

2022 / Winterthur

  • "Affordable or Premium Innovation? The Influence of Individual and Contextual Factors on Innovators’ Engagement in Different Innovation Types", by Nadine Hietschold, Ariane Segelitz-Karsten, Ronny Reinhardt, Sebastian Gurtner


  • "Digital Transformation of Incumbents: Exploring the Consequences of Incongruent Technological Frames", by Tobias Röth, Patrick Spieth, Christoph Klos
  • "Investments, Talents, Learning Institutions: The three pointers of Research and Development for growth-boosting sustainable innovation", by Derrick Boakye, David Sarpong
  • "Me versus us: Experimental evidence of strategic behaviors in business ecosystems", by Sabrina Schneider, Melike Güler, Yasemin Karakaya
  • "The Paradox of Openness in Start-Ups: The Contingencies of Collaboration and Partnership Types", by Ghassan Yacoub

2021/ Montréal (Online - COVID pandemic)


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2020/ Dublin (Online - COVID pandemic)


  • Matthias Menter, Lutz Göcke, Christopher Zeeb , Clauss Thomas, "A longitudinal perspective on business model innovation and firm performance: assessing complementarity and substitutability of business model dimensions"
  • Max Jalowski, Martin Schymanietz, Kathrin Moeslein, "Supporting participants in creative processes: opportunities for persuasive technology in participatory design"
  • Bruno Bittencourt, Aurora Zen, Victor Schmidt, "Multi-level orchestrators: the unlock for innovation in the regional clusters?"
  • Oliver Mauroner, Lara Zschau, "New groupthink and idea generation: investigating hybrid brainstorming as a method to introverts' enhanced contribution in ideation stage"
  • Fatima Khitous, Katrien Verleye, Andrea Urbinati, "Product-service systems in the transition to a circular economy in the fashion industry: a customer engagement perspective"

2019 / Lisbon

  • Hannele Väyrynen "Self-managing the idea for innovation with the Innovator Action Grant Model (IAGM)"
  • Tim Mosig "My Data – My Precious: Tearing Down Barriers to Data-Driven Business Model Innovation"
  • Vidya Oruganti "The Effects of Upstream & Downstream Dependencies of a Firm on Market Returns from its Innovation Efforts"

2018 / Reykjavik

  • Frank Nagle "Learning by Contributing - Gaining Competitive Advantage through Contribution to Crowdsourced Public Goods"
  • Kristel Miller "An Exploration of the Role of Value Creation and Value Capture in University Technology Transfer Business Models: A Quadruple Helix Stakeholder Perspective"
  • Katrien Verleye "Building Legitimacy for New Service Constellations with a Social Objective"

2017 / Glasgow

  • Joan E. Ricart "Unfulfilled promises in the sharing economy? Exploring the value proposition of airbnb",
  • Xiaolan Fu "Valuation of early stage technology in the information and communication industry" and 
  • Martin Schymanietz "Data-driven service innovation – An exploration of actors and challenges in the German manufacturing industry"

2016 / Paris

  • Lisa Carlgren “Design thinking in innovation, in practice: the case of Kaiser Permanente”
  • Steve Diasio “A Techno-Social Perspective of Innovation Jams- Defining and Characterizing”
  • Acur Nuran, Erica Mazzola, Mariangela Piazza, Giovanni Perrone - “The impact of fairness on the performance of crowdsourcing: an empirical analysis of two intermediate crowdsourcing platforms”

2015 / Warsaw

  • Julia K. Fröhlich and Andreas Hack - “What Makes a Good Idea? A Signaling Approach to the Assessment of Idea Quality of Innovation Ideas”
  • Juliette Brun, Hicham Ezzat, and Benoît Weil -“Managing the Impacts of Non-Verbal Devices on Idea Generation: A New Challenge for Creative Leaders”
  • Patrick Spieth and Sabrina Schneider - “Business Model Innovation: A Strategic Entrepreneurship Perspective”