Public and Non-Profit Management

The Public and Non-Profit Management SIG aims at providing an authoritative and internationally focused forum to discuss major developments in the area of governance and management of public interest. Such focus allows embracing all organizations pursuing public outcomes, be they public, non- or for-profit. These operate in healthcare, culture, education, utilities sectors and key issues include network management, performance evaluation, digital trasformation, organization, and HRM, social innovation, social responsibility, and accountability.

SIG standing tracks:

  • PNPM General Track (PM) – Corresponding Chair: Andrea Bonomi Savignon
  • Healthcare Management Research (HMR) – Corresponding Chair: Stephen O'Connor
  • Accountability, Sustainability in Public and Non-profit Organizations (AAS) – Corresponding Chair: Filippo Giordano
  • Management and Governance of Culture, Heritage and Tourism (CHT) - Corresponding Chair: Lorenzo Mizzau

Papers presented at annual conferences and SIG winter workshops are selected for edited books, such as the Emerald Series "Studies in Public and Non-Profit Governance,” and special issues of the International Journal of Public Sector Management. Check out the topics covered within the Emerald Series:


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Filippo Giordano (LUMSA University, IT)  SIG Programme Chair,  - SIG Chair

Lorenzo Costumato (University of Roma Tor Vergata, IT) - SIG Programme Chair,

Stephen O'Connor (University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA) - SIG Co-Chair for Healthcare Management

Reto Steiner (ZHAW School of Management and Law, CH) - SIG Co-Chair for the General Track

Riccardo Mussari (University of Siena, IT) - SIG Co-Chair for Scientific Quality

Luigina Paglieri (University of tor Vergata Roma, IT) - SIG Communication Officer



Andrea Bonomi Savignon (University of Rome Tor Vergata, IT) 

Denita Cepiku (University of Rome Tor Vergata, IT)

Stephen P. Osborne (University of Edinburgh Business School, SC) 

Jane Broadbent (Roehampton University, UK)

Robert Fouchet (Paul Cezanne University, FR)

Marco Meneguzzo (University of Rome Tor Vergata, IT)

New Partnership: SIG Best Reviewer Award

Sponsored and presented by Administrative Sciences journal & MDPI.

The award recognizes outstanding contribution in reviewing towards EURAM conferences.

The inaugural winner will be announced at the 2020 Conference. 


Sponsored and Presented by the International Journal of Public Sector Management & Emerald. Congratulations to the authors!

2019 (Ex-Aequo):

Susanne Enke, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg


Coproduction of public services: a comprehensive framework for analysis

2018 (Ex-Aequo):


Leaving the Senior Civil Service: Public Service Bargain and Beyond. The Case of Estonia.

Authors: Tiina Randma-Liiv, Reelika Rattus - Tallinn University of Technology

The Paradox of Public Bureaucracies: Discriminatory Bureaucrats in Non-DiscriminatoryBureaucracies 

Authors: Lode De Waele – University of Antwerp, Kristina Weissmüller – University of Hamburg, Arjen Van Witteloostujin– Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam



Value Conflicts in Citizen Collaboration: Governing Public Values in Multi-Actor Settings.

Authors: Nils Aschhoff and Rick Vogel (Universität Hamburg)


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EURAM 2018 in Reykjavik EURAM 2017 in Glasgow EURAM 2016 in Paris



@ Reykjavik (2018) 


SIG in numbers: 131 submitted papers, 24 sessions, 82 papers were presented, 223 authors were involved in scheduled papers. A SIG Plenary session was scheduled for Thursday, June 21st at 5.30 pm. The Plenary meeting featured a Keynote guest speech by Guðrún Erla Jónsdóttir, Strategy Officer at Reykjavík Energy Group and Chairman of the Board for Veitur Utilities, on the theme of "Rebuilding trust towards sustainability: the role of ownership strategy. Insights from the case of Reykjavík Energy”. An informal SIG Networking Drinks event took place after the Plenary, on Thursday evening. The SIG offered the first drinks :) 

@ Glasgow (2017)


78 papers were submitted to the SIG in 2017. 

@ Paris (2016)

The SIG Plenary Meeting was scheduled for June 2 at 16.30. It provided a unique platform for the SIG community to network, comment on the status of the Group and elaborate on future developments. Data from the EURAM 2016 submissions and tracks was presented and proposals for EURAM 2017 were encouraged and discussed. SIG Networking Dinner took place after the Plenary. It was Sponsored by the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Thank you UAB!