Since 2012, EURAM has awarded the distinguished status of “EURAM Fellow” outstanding scholars who have an excellent reputation in the research community, made in the past extraordinary contributions to the EURAM association, and can be expected to be leaders of our community for the future. The ambassadorial and leadership role of the Fellows supports the work of the EURAM Board and its Executive Committee.

Euram Fellows

Julienne Brabet

Université Paris Est Créteil (2018)
-Founder of the SIG B4S

-Vice President for Membership 2011-2016

-Conference Chair EURAM 2016

Stewart Clegg

University of Technology Sydney (2018)
-Active member of B4S and PO SIGs

-Best EMR Paper Award 2013

-Keynote Speaker at EURAM 2017 in Glasgow

Donatella Depperu

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (2015)
-Founding Member

-Vice President Research & Communications 2003-2009

-Chair of EURAM 2003

Thomas Durand

Le Cnam (2012)
-Co-Chair of EURAM Annual Conference 2007

-National Representative for France, 2003 - 2006

Pierre Dussauge

HEC Paris (2015)
- First Editor of EMR 2004-2005

- Co-Chair EURAM 2007 Paris

Anna Grandori

Bocconi University (2016)
-Keynote speaker at EURAM 2013

-Recognised as a theorist in Europe and worldwide

Morten Huse

BI Norwegian Business School (2016)
-Founder of the Corporate Governance SIG

-President of EURAM 2010-2012

Mine Karataş-Özkan

University of Southampton (2019)
-Member of the Scientific Council

-Doctoral Colloquium Chair since 2018

Romain Laufer

HEC Paris (2019)
-Member of the Scientific Council

-Co-author of Marketing Democracy and The 

-New Foundations of Marketing

Peter McKiernan

Strathclyde University (2012)
-Chair of EURAM Annual Conference 2004

-Vice President 2001 - 2006

-President of EURAM 2006 - 2010

Kathrin M. Moeslein

FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg & HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management (2015)
Founding member
Member of EURAM 2005 Org. Team
Book track at EURAM 2004-2009
Vice President Prof. Development 2006-2012
Doctoral Colloquium Chair 2008-2012
Co-founder of EECC in 2009

Niels Noorderhaven

Tilburg University (2012)
-National Representative for 
Netherlands, 2003 - 2009

-Vice President 2003 - 2009
Founder of International Management SIG

Ralf Reichwald

Technical University Munich & HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management (2017)
-National Representative for Germany, 2003-2009

-Introduced fellowship at EURAM

-Co-Chair of EURAM 2005

-Established links between Peter Pribilla 
Foundation and EURAM for TUM Research Excellence Award

Joan E. Ricart

IESE Business School / University of Navarra (2012)
-Founding EURAM President 2001 - 2006

Susan C. Schneider

University of Geneva (2018)
-Founder of active scholarly communities in Switzerland (LLORG) and France (FFORG)

-Active in bridging practice and research

-Co-author of best selling book "Managing Across Cultures"

Anne Sigismund Huff

DCU (2012)
-Co-Chair of EURAM Annual Conference 2005

-Mentor, Professional Development for PhD Students and Junior Faculty

Henk W. Volberda

University of Amsterdam Business School (2017)
-Vice President Research 2006-2012

-Conference Chair EURAM 2012

-Best EMR Paper Award for 2013

-Founder of the Strategic Management SIG

Alessandro Zattoni

LUISS University (2019)
-2018 EECC Organiser

-Member of Scientific Council

-Past SIG Chair of Corporate Governance

-National Representative for Italy, 2012-2015