Organisational Behaviour

Mission and Scope

Organizational Behaviour (OB)  Special Interest Group (SIG) encourages professional scholarship, dissemination of information, and fellowship among persons of similar and professional academic interest. The purpose of the OB SIG is to develop an ongoing and constructive dialogue among organizational behaviour scholars and practitioners to conduct research that is relevant for management theory and practice in the contemporary world. The OB SIG aims at promoting research and networking interests in individual and group behaviour in the organizational context by providing a wide-ranging, engaged and internationally-focused forum to discuss and develop research and practice in the field.


OB SIG at EURAM has been established in 2012 and by now has become one of the largest SIGs as measured by the number of papers submitted. Notwithstanding the popularity of some topics the intention is to display the variety and creativity embedded in the work of OB SIG authors. Therefore, in addition to well-established topics the OB SIG is open to and wants to encourage submissions to different new streams of research in private, public and non-profit organizations, dealing with the study of attributes, processes, mechanism, behaviours, and outcomes within and between individual, interpersonal, group, and organizational levels of analysis.

Empirical, conceptual, and practitioner-oriented contributions utilizing various theoretical perspectives, and research designs are welcome. Submissions from early career scholars, senior academics and practitioners are equally welcome.



OB SIG chair: Zeynep Yalabik (

OB SIG Programme chairs: Eleanna Galanaki (  & Alessia Sammarra (

General Track chair: Eleanna Galanaki ( & Dinuka Herath (;  

HRM track chairs:  Silvia Profili ( & Alessia Sammarra (

Team Performance track chair: Antonio Abrantes (

Leadership track chair: Christian Voegtlin (

OB SIG Officers: Joyce Costello ( & Gaye Ozcelik (

OB SIG Communication Officers: Ceyda Maden-Eyiusta (; Dinuka Herath (;  Barbara Covarrubias Venegas ( & Gayanga Herath (