The Academy is governed by its Board which holds the powers of administration except those vested in the General Assembly. The Board may confer specifically-designed powers to designated representatives and/or committees (ad hoc or otherwise), including even those tasks that the present Statutes specifically attribute to the Board. 


Niels Noorderhaven


Tilburg University

Alessandro Zattoni


LUISS University

Francesca Cuomo

Vice President

University of East Anglia

Dieter Bögenhold

Chair Country Representatives Council

University of Klagenfurt

Lucrezia Songini

Chair Country Representatives Council

Eastern Piedmont Uni. & SDA Bocconi School of Management

Anabel Fernández-Mesa

Chair Strategic Interest Groups Committee

University of Valencia

Hamid Kazeroony

Chair Strategic Interest Groups Committee

NWU/Walden University

Peter McKiernan

Dean of the Fellows College

Strathclyde University

Luisa Isabella Jaffé

Member ex officio