Corporate Governance

Mission and scope

The corporate governance SIG welcomes studies exploring various aspects - antecedents and consequences - of corporate governance and boards of directors.

Contributions adopting a wide set of theoretical lenses and research methods are strongly encouraged as well as studies analysing corporate governance in different types of enterprises and different contexts, including different countries and regional cultures.


The corporate governance tracks have regularly been organized at EURAM since 2002 with the ambition to explore corporate governance and boards of directors from a management perspective.

Our pre-conference and social activities have been successfully carried out since 2003.

Since 2005 it has been developed in collaboration with the European Corporate Governance Group (ECGG) whose main aim is to support and develop a European management related corporate governance community.



Amedeo Pugliese (University of Padua, Italy) – SIG Chair

Emma García Meca (Technical University of Cartagena, Spain) – SIG Chair-Elect

Patricia Gabaldon (IE Business School, Spain) patricia.gabaldon@ie.e – SIG Programme Chair

Agnieszka Słomka-Gołębiowska (Warsaw School of Economics) – SIG Communication and Promotion Officer

SIG 02: Corporate Governance (COGO)  @ EURAM2020