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Summary of EURAM 2019 Presidential Activities

The State of Management Faculty Careers in Europe and across the World:
Challenges and Some Possible Solutions

Lisbon, June 27, 2019
This version: May 4, 2020

The presidential activities at EURAM annual conference constitute a forum in which, at the invitation of EURAM president, the presidents (or their representatives) of other national and supra-national associations of management gather to discuss issues of importance to the field of management education, research and/or practice.

This document summarizes the discussions among the attendees representing different scholarly associations across the world during the 2019 EURAM presidential activities on the state of the faculty career management on Thursday June 27 (Appendix 1 below provides the list of associations and their representatives), which took place after the answers to the key short survey questions from the perspective of each association were presented (see Appendix 2 in a separate document for the answers provided to the survey, organized by question).

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