Gender, Race and Diversity in Organisations

For 2020 program, please see: SIG 05: Gender, Race, and Diversity in Organisations (GRDO)


Inequalities in organisation and societies are related to a myriad of different dimensions including gender, race, social-class, age, sexuality, religion, and disability. These inequalities not only reinforce social injustice but also encourage exploitation and underutilization of human capital by organizations and nations.

Current debates in the area of gender, race, diversity, development and management research embraces inter alia social theory, ethics and inequality. This includes intersectionality, transnationalism and post colonialism, the extent to which globalization has facilitated the spread of western ideas (or not) around feminism, organization and management, and what feminism and broader social movements mean in diverse socio-cultural and geo-political contexts.  In addition, the SIG seeks to unravel the complexity and variety in human resources and management policies and institutional frameworks that address issues of social inequality in the global political economy.


Within the Gender, Race, and Diversity in Organisations (GRDO) Strategic Interest Group (SIG) and various tracks and sub-tracks organized by this SIG, we seek to analyse varying socio-demographic, cultural, and geo-political contexts and the implications for work organization, management, and human resource development strategies. This incorporates critiques of gender, race, and diversity in different states, and a range of organizations, including transnational corporations, public and private sector organisations, NGOs, and international organizations.

We value theoretically inspired papers based on leading social commentators and empirically based research. We encourage contributions from scholars from a broad range of disciplines: management, economics, psychology, women's/ men's/ gender studies, geography, sociology, development and economics. We welcome conceptual and empirical papers and studies of single countries and comparative research.



Dr Hamid Kazeroony – Walden University, USA - SIG Chair 

Dr Faiza Ali - Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan- SIG Co-Chair

Professor Edwina Pio, Auckland University of Technology New Zealand - SIG Program Chair

Professor Jawad Syed- Suleman Dawood School of Business, Lahore, - SIG Program Chair

PD Dr. Thomas Köllen, University of Bern, Switzerland - SIG Communications Chair & Standing Tracks Chair

Dr Sarah Richard, EM Strasbourg Business School, France – SIG Communications Chair

Professor Jasmin Mahadevan, Pforzheim University, Pforzheim, Germany- SIG Standing Tracks Chair

Plenary Chairwoman: Beverly Dawn Metcalfe, Past SIG Chairwoman, VP USEK and Prince Sultan University, Saudi,

Doctoral Colloquium Coordinator: Hamid H. Kazeroony, Walden University, USA -

pecial SIG Sessions Chairs: Luc Decray, Universite Caen Normandie,



For 2020 program, please see: SIG 05: Gender, Race, and Diversity in Organisations (GRDO)