Mission and scope

The EURAM ‘Managing Sport’ Strategic Interest Group (SIG) is now (EURAM 2023) a special track under SIG 14.

T14_06 – Sport Governance for Good under SIG 14

 We are anetwork of academics, practitioners, athletes and sport officials whose interests revolve around aspects of internationalisation, professionalisation and commercialisation of sports in theory and in practice. The SIG functions as a catalyst for building and disseminating new ideas around the business and management of sport and sport related industries.

Roles and responsibilities

T14_06 – Sport Governance for Good under SIG 14

Track chair  

Igor Perechuda / igor.perechuda@uj.edu.pl /  igor.perechuda@lunex-univeristy.net  

co-coordinators of the track: 

Havran Zsolt, zsolt.havran@uni-corvinus.hu 

Giorgio Portaluri, g.portaluri@studenti.uniroma4.it

Past Chairs
Konstantinos Koronios konskoron@hotmail.com
Anna Gerke (Audencia Business School, France) agerke@audencia.com

The EURAM ‘Managing Sport’ SIG/track aims to:

  • Promote research and education in the fields of sports business and management in Europe, with special emphasis on international comparisons.
  • Foster an understanding of the role of professionalisation and commercialisation of sport on European economy and society.
  • Encourage the exchange of research results, practical experience, and ideas by contributing with academic tracks, symposia, kick-off activities and other events to the annual EURAM conference.
  • Support the development of international research collaborations with other Academies of Management and Sports Management Associations.
  • Disseminate research results through a variety of channels.



The ‘Managing Sport' group collaborates since 2010 with Emerald Group Publishing on recognizing the most outstanding paper submission to the SIG’s tracks and its presentation at the conference with a ‘Best Paper Award’. The award committee also selects reviewers that have contributed with high quality reviews to recognize their extraordinary efforts and contributions to make the tracks happen with a ‘Best Reviewer Award’ also sponsored by Emerald. The certificates are awarded at the ‘Managing Sport’ plenary session at the EURAM annual conference.

2019 EURAM Conference Lisbon

o Best Paper Award: Cleo Schyvinck, Michael Naraine & Annick Willem (“Network Structures and Governance in Cause-related Marketing Collaborations in Professional Football: A Social Network Analysis”)

o Best Reviewer Award: Dan Plumley

2018 EURAM Conference Reykjavik

o Best Paper Award: Pim Verschuuren (“A theoretical assessment of the adaptability of whistleblowing systems in international sports”)

o Best Reviewer Award: Birnir Egilsson

2017 EURAM Conference Glasgow

o Best Paper Award: Konstantinos Koronios, Marina Psiloutsikou and Athanasios Kriemadis (“Mass sporting and physical activity events: Motives, Constraints and future participation intention”)

o Best reviewer award: Alana Thomson

2016 EURAM Conference Paris

o Best Paper Award: Wojciech Kulczycki, Jörg Königstorfer & Santoosh Milas (“Where to engage in CSR? The influence of social cause proximity on attitude towards small-sized (vs. large-sized) sporting goods retailers”)

o Best Reviewer Award: Hallgeir Gammelsaeter

2015 EURAM Conference Warsaw

o Best Paper Award: Christos Anagnostopoulos and Tom Bason (“Corporate Social Responsibility through Sport: A Longitudinal Study of the FTSE100 Companies”)

o Best Reviewer Award: Dominik Schreyer

2014 EURAM Conference Valencia

Best Paper Award: Margaret Johnston and Luc Bourgeois (“Third-Person Perceptions of Gambling Sponsorship Advertising”)

Best Reviewer Award: Dimitrios Kolyperas

2013 EURAM Conference Istanbul

Best Paper Award: Ashlee Morgan, Tracy Taylor & Daryl Adair (“Business-to-business alliances in sport sponsorship”)

Best Reviewer Award: Emilie Malcourant

2012 EURAM Conference Rotterdam

Best Paper Award: Mathieu Winand, Steven Vos, Thierry Zintz & Jeroen Scheerder (“Determinants of service innovation: A typology of sports federations”)

Best Reviewer Award: Christos Anagnostopoulos

2011 EURAM Conference Tallinn

Best Paper Award: Alexander Kern, Armin Wiedenegger & Michael Schwarzmann (“Measuring the Efficiency of English Premier League Football: A Two-Stage Data Envelopment Analysis Approach”)

Best Reviewer Award: Mathieu Winand

2010 EURAM Conference Rome

Best Paper Award: Peder Greve, Winfried Ruigrok & Martin Engeler (“International experiential diversity and performance at project organizations: The case of national football teams”)

Best Reviewer Award: Anna Fyrberg